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Explorefunds is one of the leading mutual fund investment platforms in India. Explorefunds is established with an aim to help investors create clear, appropriate investment goals.

Being a company that has radically changed and evolved, we have still kept our belief and passion intact to serve our customers the right way by teaching them the art of investing. Through Explorefunds, we have now redefined the concept of mutual fund investments by providing our clients with a world-class investment platform and sophisticated investment advice.

At Explorefunds, we strive hard to provide our clients with the right education, advice and resources that they require to make the right investment decisions. Our team of qualified service advisors, offer investors the appropriate investment solutions as per their financial goals and risk appetite. Our highly personalized investment strategies and disciplined management services help investors capture good investment opportunities while also minimize the risk factor in their portfolio.

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Each year when the Mutual Fund recommendations change, what should happen to your already invested money? It needs to be redeemed from old funds and reinvested into new funds. Doing these transactions manually while avoiding exit loads and minimizing taxes can be quite tedious. Explorefunds Portfolio Rebalancing feature does all of this and more for you with a click of a button. Read more about India's most advanced Portfolio Rebalancing feature.

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Glide path refers to how your asset allocation should change over time. Although this is an essential component of any true goal based investing system, no one apart from Explorefunds provides this. Initially when you start investing in a goal, you have a long time horizon and can invest more in equity. However as you approach your goal, your money should be gradually moved from equity towards debt in order to de-risk your goal. Otherwise a crash near the end of your goal can derail your goal completely without leaving any time for you to recover. It is a must have to be able to reach your goals in time.

Dedicated Wealth Manager

At anytime you can see whether your goals are on-track or not. Sometimes your goal may go off-track for reasons like several missed SIPs or markets performing below expectations. Explorefunds notifies you of the same and provides easy to implement advice on how to get back on track. It's like having an always-on GPS for your goal till you achieve it - no need to chase a financial advisor to know what you need to do.

Free Investment portfolio Review

Recently the government introduced a tax of 10% on long term capital gains accrued from equity Mutual Funds. There in an yearly exemption of Rs 1 lakh however before the gains get taxed. Explorefunds Portfolio Rebalancing feature automatically maximises this exemption while rebalancing your previous investments. This feature alone can save up to Rs 10,000 in LTCG taxes every year for you - no CA required.

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Instant Saving Fund

Instant Savings Fund is a Liquid Mutual Fund giving you the flexiblity of Savings account
while earning better returns than Savings Account.

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Zero Account Charges

Zero Account Charges

Zero Account Charges

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