Rebalance your Portfolio

Align your investments with your risk profile

With the changes in performance of Mutual Fund schemes, it is equally important to stay updated and align your portfolio with the best schemes to match your goals.

We timely inform you, how to replace your old/existing funds with new performing funds.It keeps your investments in sync with our Mutual Fund selection strategy thereby maximising your chances of achieving the market-beating returns that the strategy generates.

Getting the right asset allocation through out...

say after initial risk profiling, you invest according to 65:35 in Equity and Debt . Since the markets are volatile and the Equity and Debt grow with different retes, a few years later your asset allocation is 85:15 due to change in market scenario.

Since your risk has increased due to increase in equity, we re-align your investments to original 65:35 to keep your risk the same as it was. Thus keeping your portfolio

At beginning 65:35
Due to changes in market, asset allocation changes to 85:15
Rebalancing by Disha
We restructure your portfolio getting back to 65:35

Instant Saving Fund

Instant Savings Fund is a Liquid Mutual Fund giving you the flexiblity of Savings account
while earning better returns than Savings Account.

Zero Account Charges

Zero Account Charges

Zero Account Charges

Zero Account Charges

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